LOMCSA Scholarship Program



The LOMCSA Scholarship Trust Fund was started in 1986 to honor the memory of the association's first Executive Director, Robert Butcher, and his brother, Harold Butcher.  They were instrumental in developing the association from its infancy in 1951 and deserve a great portion of credit for developing a framework from which the LOMCSA leadership could build the fine organization we know today. The scholarship is given to children of LOMCSA Regular Members and children of employees of Regular Members.


The Trust Fund is directly funded by proceeds from LOMCSA’s Scholarship Gala.  We are proud to announce that in January of 2012, our seventeenth year scholarship award was presented from the LOMCSA Scholarship Trust Fund to two deserving graduating high school seniors.  This was the first year we selected two applicants, and we are happy to provide this great opportunity to such commendable students.