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  • Preparing your business for hurricane season
  • Inspecting and maintaining your commercial roof
  • Preparing doors, windows, and signs
  • Preparing lighting systems and backup power sources
  • Taking action following a hurricane
  • Hiring a roofing contractor
  • Creating a hurricane preparedness and recovery plan

Make Your Business, Hurricane Ready
Preparedness And Recovery Plan

State of Emergency

Governor Edwards has issued a state of emergency for Tropical Storm Ida.

State of Emergency

Remains in effect until September 27, 2021, unless terminated sooner.


According to DOTD, HOS is automatically in effect during a LA State of Emergency.
DOTD has issued a Weight Waiver for Louisiana. Please see the link below.
DOTD Waiver of Weight Restrictions


The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) issued a regional Hours of Service waiver for the following states due to Hurricane Ida: LOUISIANA, MISSISSIPPI, ALABAMA, ARKANSAS, TENNESSE, and TEXAS, through September 28, 2021.

Federal Regional Hours of Service Waiver


An RVP waiver was granted for Louisiana and Mississippi. Hurricane Ida Fuel Waivers for Louisiana and Mississippi.
This waiver is effective immediately and will continue through September 15, 2021. 

A second RVP waiver was granted for Louisiana and Mississippi….2nd RVP Waiver for Louisiana and Mississippi.

Under this temporary waiver, regulated parties may produce, sell and distribute winter gasoline in Louisiana and Mississippi with a Reid vapor pressure of no more than 11.5psi before the addition of ethanol. This waiver is effective immediately and will continue through September 15, 2021.



The IRS has extended the dyed diesel fuel penalty relief for certain parishes in Louisiana. This relief will remain in effect till September 30, 2021. Please see the link below for more information.

Dyed Diesel Waiver